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Phenom Elite – Official Uniform Provider of the NCFA

The National Club Football Association (NCFA) is excited to announce it’s recent partnership with Phenom Elite to become the “Official Uniform Provider of the NCFA.”

“We’re very excited to continue our relationship with Phenom Elite,” states Eric Curitore, Marketing Manager of CollClubSports. “Not only do NCFA teams already get exclusive discounts on their custom gloves given their status as the Official Glove Supplier of the league, they hold the Official Uniform rights to our NCBBA (Club Basketball) league as well. Phenom Elite is an up and coming company that has provided our member teams tons of value. NCFA teams will have the opportunity to order high quality uniforms at exclusive NCFA pricing. With Phenom Elite having a large array of customizable options and models to offer, NCFA teams should be very excited!”

View Phenom Elite’s full online catalog HERE!

Everything is customizable and can be fitted with your school’s logos, team name, and text. All jerseys and pants will each have the NCFA logo attached at no additional charge.

For teams interested in purchasing new uniforms, contact Nathan Dorton, for more information and price quotes. Teams must note that they are part of the NCFA in order to receive the exclusive 15% OFF discount.

Dorton is the CEO and Co-Founder of Phenom Elite. Following his football career at Appalachian State, the goal and vision he had was to create better quality sports uniform and apparel lines. Dorton and several friends have built the business from the ground up.

“The Nano-Flex uniform line offers endless customization options by way of full sublimation printing. Phenom Elite’s sublimation process does not sacrifice the cut and sew craftsmanship quality of the uniform…it features seven different styles of adult jerseys and three different styles of adult pants. All styles provide an unmatched customizable look…In addition to the regular uniforms, Phenom Elite offers a wide range of custom team apparel options, including but not limited to: compression shirts, compression tights, team warm up jackets, travel pants, performance shorts, and hoodies,” says Dorton. Phenom Elite has done work for several professional arena football teams, international football teams, high schools and various club organizations, and are excited to work with the NCFA. “We believe our quality and customization options will help build the brand of the NFCA member teams,” Dorton proclaims.

Phenom Elite – Official Glove Supplier of the NCFA

The NCFA is very excited to announce that they have partnered with Phenom Elite, the FIRST “Official & Exclusive Glove Supplier of the NCFA”! Teams can take advantage of PE’s amazing products and prices through the 2018 and 2019 seasons.


Phenom Elite was originally founded by Nathan Dorton, who, as a former college football player at Appalachian State, could not find the quality of product he wanted so he went out and had his own glove manufactured. After 6 months, Nathan brought on Josh Ortegon, a sports performance coach and friend, into the business to help take the product to market and build a culture around a quality product with the belief that our mission is bigger than sports. Since then Phenom has worked with many different colleges, universities, high schools and other football organizations. Most notably, Phenom Elite has signed a deal with former NFL All-Pro wide receiver Randy Moss to produce the ‘Straight Touchdown Homie’ signature receiver glove. Phenom Elite has the exclusive rights to manufacture this glove.


“All of us at Phenom Elite are excited to partner with the NCFA and look forward to providing an excellent quality product to its member teams,” says Phenom Elite founder, Nathan Dorton. “We believe the NCFA will help us continue to get our custom football gloves on additional teams andplayers to in turn help grow our brand.”


“We’re extremely excited to have Phenom Elite on board as I really think our teams are going to get a lot out of this partnership,” said CollClubSports Marketing Manager, Eric Curitore. “Having the opportunity to order not just stock gloves at discounted prices, but fully customized gloves at exclusive NCFA member pricing will be something incredibly valuable to all teams. With Phenom Elite having a large array of options to offer, NCFA teams should be just as excited!”


NCFA member teams have access to ALL of Phenom Elite’s stock gloves through its site at anamazing 20% discount and 3-5 day turnaround (no minimum order). Should players and teams wantsomething more custom, with an order of 12+ sets, Phenom Elite will offer NCFA teams custom lineman gloves for $35/pair and custom skill gloves for $30/pair — that’s almost a 50% discount! In addition, each custom set will include the official “NCFA” logo on the back of the hands.

Interested in ordering? Contact Nathan Dorton directly to get your order started today!

Wilson – Official Football of the NCFA

The National Club Football Association is excited to announce that it has extended its agreement with Wilson Sporting Goods through 2021. Under the terms of this agreement, Wilson will supply NCFA teams with the “Official Football of the NCFA,” or the Wilson GST 1003 Leather Game Football, for practice and games. All NCFA members may purchase Wilson GST 1003 Leather Game Footballs at member-exclusive prices.


“We are excited to continue our partnership with the NCFA and put the very best, most advanced collegiate-level football in the hands players around the country,” said Tom Berl, Territory Manager for Wilson Sporting Goods. “Our Wilson GST 1003 Leather Game Football is the only ball to offer players ‘game saving technology’. This technology relates to our exclusive leather and patented sewn on stripes and Accurate Control Lacing composite leather laces that allow players to grip, hold, throw and control the ball unlike any other football available today.”


“I’m very excited for our teams to continue using Wilson footballs,” says Joe Shaffer, Wilson Account Manager at the NCFA. “Wilson provides us with quality footballs that allow our players and teams to perform at their very best! I’m looking forward to seeing the GST 1003 model in person and for all our member teams to get their 6 FREE footballs!”

Each Wilson GST 1003 Leather Game Football is handcrafted at the Wilson Football Factory in Ada, OH, and carefully constructed and molded to ensure the truest flight paths and spirals in the game.


The Wilson GST 1003 Leather Game Football is the number one football selling in the United States. It is used by more than 180 NCAA programs and nearly 40 state high school football associations.


When ordering, teams have the opportunity to customize their Wilson GST 1003 Leather Game Footballs with their team name and the NCFA logo. Teams looking for more information about ordering should contact Joe Shaffer at 412-321-8440 x106 or at



Avis – Official Rental Car of the NCFA

We are pleased to announce the selection of Avis® as the Exclusive supplier for business related car rentals. Effective March 1 2017, travelers are strongly encouraged to select Avis for your car rental needs. CollClubSports, has negotiated low rates (which include LDW coverage) and outstanding personalized services for you with Avis. Please select Avis for your car rental needs whenever possible.

If you are not already an Avis Preferred member, follow these 3 simple steps to get started.  


Avis Preferred:  Skip the lines and take the preferred route to more benefits and rewards with an Avis Preferred membership.  Earn Avis Preferred Points for every journey by opting in.  Enroll now.

Opt-in to Avis Preferred Points, and rent within 3 months to receive 250 Bonus Points.  Already an Avis Preferred member?  Click here to update your profile and opt-in to start earning.

For more information contact CollClubSports Travel Sponsor Account Manager –

Jeff Conner

412-321-8440 X 105



Avis will match your car rental status.  Enroll in Avis Preferred and email Joyce Sowers with proof of your past rental status.

Already an Avis Preferred member?  Status matching is automatic through your profile with Corporate Traveler.



Also download the “New” Avis App Feature on your cell phone.

Choose the exact car you want, confirm/cancel/extend your rental, and drive away and return your rental with one tap.  Preview here



Motel 6 – Official Lodging Partner of the NCFA

Pittsburgh, PA – The leagues of CollClubSports are excited to announce its newest partnership with Motel 6. This month, Motel 6 became “The Official Lodging Partner” of the leagues of CollClubSports, including the NCBA, NCSA, NCFA, and the NCBBA.

With locations all over the country, partnering up with Motel 6 was an easy decision for CollClubSports. “We’re extremely happy to have Motel 6 on board for the upcoming season and I really think our teams are going to get a lot out of this partnership,” said CollClubSports Marketing Manager, Eric Curitore. “Unlike any of our previous hotel partners, you can find a Motel 6 property in almost any town across the country. It won’t be hard for teams to find a great place to stay at a moment’s notice. Motel 6 offers our teams fantastic amenities and opportunities for their lodging – all at exclusive discounted rates. We’re excited with what this new partnership will do for our member teams!”

Even booking is a breeze for all teams. By simply accessing the exclusive portal (, all teams can take advantage of unbeatable prices and customer service. In addition, players and teams can sign up for Motel 6’s program, “My6”, and be able to expedite all of their booking needs!

“Motel 6 is proud to be the exclusive lodging partner of CollClubSports,” says Kirsten Jenkins, Special Markets Manager at G6 Hospitality. “We’re ‘Leaving the Light On’ for teams, officials, boosters, families and friends at over 1200 locations nationwide. The Motel 6 team is ready to offer a winning combination of great rooms at special rates. We look forward to welcoming all members of the association when traveling during official sports season, on the road to visit friends or family or anywhere your travels take you.”

For more information about Motel 6 and The Official Lodging Partner of CollClubSports, visit any of our league websites or contact Sponsor Account Manager, Jeff Conner at (412) 321- 8440 ext. 105 or via e-mail at!


CollClubSports is excited to announce their new contract with The Game headwear. This partnership now makes The Game the official headwear provider for CollClubSports. The Game is owned by MV Sports, a company that has been providing top quality customizable products since 1948.

Felicia Battaglia, The Game Sponsor Account Manager at CollClubSports says this about the new partnership: “I am excited and looking forward to working with The Game for the 2016/2017 Season. The Game offers greats products at great prices to our teams. They’re licensed for the majority of our school’s already, making the ordering process faster and more efficient for all parties. The Game also offers a wide variety of hats and design options to choose from and feature the fastest turnaround times our NCBA teams have ever seen. I think this will be a great partnership!”


The Game will offer ALL hats to CollClubSports teams for $19 flat. That covers all styles and any designs they want. The only way to increase team cost is by adding a logo to the side or back of the hat ($1.00). Teams can also take advantage of the early order discount by getting $2 off each cap they order when ordering before November 16th. In addition, The Game has a very quick turnaround time for orders: 10 days from artwork/licensing approval on all stock caps & 4-6 weeks from artwork/licensing approval for all custom orders (teams must order at least 12 caps in any stock order and 18 caps in any custom order). The Game also has headwear for all sports including beanies and visors should teams be interested. All headwear will include the respective league logo on the back free of charge, compliments of CollClubSports, the NCBA, NCSA, NCBBA & NCFA.

Teams can also go to The Game’s website and build their own cap: After using the site’s cap builder, teams should save their designs and place an order with CollClubSports. Be sure to order your The Game headwear through Felicia Battaglia to receive the partnership pricing! She can be reached at and at 412-321-8440 ext.107.

“The Game is excited to partner with CollClubSports. The Game is known as a leader in college baseball headwear” says Chad Kennedy, National Sales Manager. “The Game and CollClubSports will continue to grow with this new partnership and increased visibility for both our brands.”

Sandy Sanderson, CEO of CollClubSports agrees with Mr. Kennedy: “CollClubSports is excited to partner with The Game as our new headwear provider. As a license holder of so many of our member’s trademarked logos, partnering with The Game has ensured that our teams will continue to compete in a first class product while being able to secure their game day headwear much faster and at a largely reduced cost. CollClubSports takes great pride in the long standing tradition of partnering with the most reputable equipment and apparel manufacturers on the market, and The Game has proven themselves as the type of company that embraces these same goals and priorities.”

FundRazr – Official Fundraising Platform of the NCFA

The leagues of CollClubSports are excited to partner with ConnectionPoint Systems Inc. and FundRazr to bring one of the newest fundraising platforms to all member teams of the NCBA, NCFA, NCSA, & NCBBA.

FundRazr is more than just a means of fundraising it’s the best way to raise money online. A global software program based in Vancouver, FundRazr is the innovative solution for any group that is looking to raise money for the organizations, teams and causes that they support.

So what sets FundRazr apart? As a crowd funding platform, each and every FundRazr campaign has the ability to reach friends, supporters and their networks through social media and online networking Share your fundraiser on Facebook and Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, team websites and blogs, and spread the word via email. Fundrazr FundRazr helps you create an interactive campaign that allows people to better understand why they should fund your team.

“As our leagues grow and our teams continue to raise the bar, we’re continually looking for better ways to help them fundraise and reach new supporters,” said CollClubSports CEO, Sandy Sanderson. “FundRazr is a platform that allows teams to create a custom fundraiser for equipment, travel, uniforms or whatever their need may be.”

Create a FundRazr project for free and start raising money for your campaign in just a few minutes. Set a goal, pick a date and get all of your teammates to start fundraising!


Plus, you can offer perks to supporters. All you’ll need is a Verified and Confirmed Business PayPal account to get started.

“My inspiration for FundRazr came from collecting fees for my son’s lacrosse team. Frustrated with no response to e-mail, I used Facebook and had the funds right away,” commented FundRazr Founder/CEO Daryl Hatton. “Inspired by this insight, I developed a platform to make fundraising online easy, fast and fun and our customers have risen over $33 million. Our partnership with CollClubSports gives club teams a powerful new tool to reach their goals.” Head to FundRazr and start your campaign today!
For more information about FundRazr and all of your fundraising opportunities with CollClubSports, contact Tracy Reardon at or by phone at (412) 321-8440 ext. 109.