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Looking for rules, submission forms, or other information about operating within the NCFA? See our listing of documents below:

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NCFA Mission Statement – The Goals and Mission of the National Club Football Association.

2020 NCFA Rules and Regulations– The 2020 Official NCFA Playing Rules updated as of 5/22/20.

2020-21 NCFA Renewal LPA – The Renewal LPA is the agreement that each NCFA member team must sign and submit to officially renew their membership in the NCFA.

2020-21 NCFA New Team LPA – The New Team LPA is the agreement that each NEW team must sign and submit to officially become a member of the NCFA.

2019-20 NCFA Liability Insurance Certificate – This certificate is proof that CollClubSports has General Liability Insurance Coverage for the National Club Football Association and our member teams.

NCFA Registration Form – The Registration Form must be completed and submitted to the NCFA in order to assure that full contact information is on file for each member NCFA team.

2020 NCFA Scheduling Request Form – This form is what teams use to submit their scheduling requests for the upcoming season.  This is the best way to make sure you are not scheduled to play conference games during conflict weekends such as fall break or when you are already planning on competing in non-conference games.

2020 NCFA Team Preview Form – The NCFA Team Preview Guide is what teams use to market themselves to the fans of the NCFA and voters of the preseason polls.

Sample Academic Letter – This sample letter is the preferred format that the NCFA requires teams to submit in order to confirm the eligibility of those players wishing to be added to the official team roster and thus become eligible to compete in the NCFA.

NCFA Team Manager Instructions  – The Team Manager Instructions are used by the designated manager for each team to update content on the NCFA Website.  Here they can learn how to upload player stats, manage the content on their team’s page on the NCFA website, and view the status of players seeking to be added to their official roster.

NCFA Player Registration Instructions – The Player Registration Instructions are used by each individual player to walk them through the steps of completing the Online Player Registration, which is mandatory for players to be eligible to compete in the NCFA.

NCFA Weekly Team Submission Form – The Weekly Team Submission Form is completed every Sunday during the season and emailed back to the NCFA in order to report scores and nominate offensive and defensive players for awards each week.

NCFA Ejection Report – The ejection report must be completed and emailed to the league office no later than 48 hours prior to any player or coach ejection.

NCFA Game Protest Form – The Game Protest Form is used when a team wished to protest an NCFA Sanctioned Football Game.

NCFA Game Contract (Optional) – The  Game Contract Form is an optional documents that teams can use if they feel more comfortable having the details of a specific game agreed to in writing.