Phenom Elite – Official Glove Supplier of the NCFA

The NCFA is very excited to announce that they have partnered with Phenom Elite, the FIRST “Official & Exclusive Glove Supplier of the NCFA”! Teams can take advantage of PE’s amazing products and prices through the 2018 and 2019 seasons.


Phenom Elite was originally founded by Nathan Dorton, who, as a former college football player at Appalachian State, could not find the quality of product he wanted so he went out and had his own glove manufactured. After 6 months, Nathan brought on Josh Ortegon, a sports performance coach and friend, into the business to help take the product to market and build a culture around a quality product with the belief that our mission is bigger than sports. Since then Phenom has worked with many different colleges, universities, high schools and other football organizations. Most notably, Phenom Elite has signed a deal with former NFL All-Pro wide receiver Randy Moss to produce the ‘Straight Touchdown Homie’ signature receiver glove. Phenom Elite has the exclusive rights to manufacture this glove.


“All of us at Phenom Elite are excited to partner with the NCFA and look forward to providing an excellent quality product to its member teams,” says Phenom Elite founder, Nathan Dorton. “We believe the NCFA will help us continue to get our custom football gloves on additional teams andplayers to in turn help grow our brand.”


“We’re extremely excited to have Phenom Elite on board as I really think our teams are going to get a lot out of this partnership,” said CollClubSports Marketing Manager, Eric Curitore. “Having the opportunity to order not just stock gloves at discounted prices, but fully customized gloves at exclusive NCFA member pricing will be something incredibly valuable to all teams. With Phenom Elite having a large array of options to offer, NCFA teams should be just as excited!”


NCFA member teams have access to ALL of Phenom Elite’s stock gloves through its site at anamazing 20% discount and 3-5 day turnaround (no minimum order). Should players and teams wantsomething more custom, with an order of 12+ sets, Phenom Elite will offer NCFA teams custom lineman gloves for $35/pair and custom skill gloves for $30/pair — that’s almost a 50% discount! In addition, each custom set will include the official “NCFA” logo on the back of the hands.

Interested in ordering? Contact Nathan Dorton directly to get your order started today!